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8 Things Your Interviewer Wish You Knew

1. It’s Important To Be Honest – One of the biggest turn-offs to a hiring manager is to come across an area of the resume where the truth has been stretched, or you misrepresent yourself. Don’t lie; we want to hire the real you!

2. Don’t Be Pushy – You can ruin your chances of a second interview by being too aggressive. We like you to be enthusiastic and good enthusiasm will go a long way, but don’t go overboard. Don’t do things like drop off a resume if you’ve been asked to apply online, and don’t call more than one time in 3 weeks to check up on your status.

3. You Can’t Pick Your References – You may only want us to call the references you list, but more often than not, we will be calling previous employers and other people that don’t make that list.

4. The Little Things Count – So many applicants put on a good show during the interview and drop the ball in the small details before and afterward. Don’t be nice to the manager and rude to the receptionist, and don’t send in an immaculate resume and check up on it with sloppily written emails. Hiring managers notice the small stuff, so make a point to have every part of the process be as professional as possible.

5. Stand Out With A Great Cover Letter – Even if your resume doesn’t wow the manager, you may still be able to stand out from the crowd with a well-written, engaging cover letter that has been custom-made for the position you’re applying for.

6. Candidates Without References Are Scary – Here’s the honest truth, if we are given 2 candidates to choose from that are equally qualified for the job, they most likely will lose out if one doesn’t have references for the job. Even if your previous employer doesn’t give references, come up with someone to vouch for you.

7. Don’t Count On A Job Offer – No matter how an interview goes, don’t expect to be offered the job. No matter how many encouraging things a manager may be saying during the interview, the job isn’t yours until you are officially hired.

8. Personality Is The Key – This can be said about many things, but personality is the key to making a good impression in an interview, just like it is when meeting a first date or a potential client. You have to be fun, friendly, kind, and professional, but we also want to know who you are as an individual and what makes you unique. You may be all of these great things, but we need to make sure you fit in with the existing employees and the clients we service.