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Bailey Spriggs – Our February Pillar of the Month

During the month of February, our internal staff members were given a social media task that helps us share our core values publicly. Our February Pillar of the Month was “Dedication to Success,” and the staff was told to post about their biggest success yet. Someone who embodies this core value can be someone who stays dedicated to their weekly goals, someone who is encouraging their branch to reach their numbers, and someone who is thoroughly knowledgeable of their branch’s numbers, what they have going on, and is constantly up to date on the operations of their branch.

Our Pillar of the Month is “Dedication to Success” because we want to help people reach new heights and give them a career that will take them to the next level. We want to give companies employees that will help their company advance and become better! Someone who fully embodies the DEDICATION TO SUCCESS core value is Bailey Spriggs, out of our Houston office.

Bailey Spriggs has worked hard since her start at Hire Up Staffing & Healthcare Services. When Bailey first started, she came right out, jumping in to help, wanting to learn, and asking questions. Bailey has shown it in her actions, not only to her teammates and clients but also through her public image as well.

We are so happy to award Bailey our First Pillar of the Month Award, “Dedication to Success.”