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Training: The Importance of Prioritizing People

Elisa Weathers

Training Director

Hire Up Staffing & Healthcare Services

August 9, 2021

Businesses that value training likely have leaders who see it as an investment in their people, and ultimately their company’s future. Yet, for other businesses, training is a budgetary line that is tough to see the value in, because they aren’t educated in everything a training program can do for their business.

Why do some businesses see the value in training where others see it as an expendable line item?

What do organizations gain when prioritizing training? We have the answers!

Here are several benefits that top the list:

  1. Grow Future Leaders. Companies with a strong internal training find themselves better prepared to identify potential leaders and train them up through their proprietary training programs.
  2. Team Longevity. According to the 2019 LinkedIn Workforce Learning Report, “94% of employees say they would stay at a company longer if it simply invested in helping them learn.” LinkedIn research found learning to be the #1 factor of happiness at work in both Gen Z and Millennials.
  3. Stronger Teams. With strong bench strength on your side, your company is already at an advantage. Add in the positive morale that comes from investing in your team and you will find a group of people who want to work together and make a difference.
  4. Word of Mouth. Happy employees love to talk about where they work! When you invest in your team and aim to offer the resources they value, you build meaningful connections. Your happy teams become brand ambassadors, which is invaluable grass roots marketing. They will likely share about their experience and refer friends and family to buy from and/or potentially work for your business.
  5. Stronger Recruiting Muscle. Just as employees share about their experiences, potential candidates will too, once they learn about your training programs through interviews, job postings, your website, etc. Celebrate the resources you offer your team and watch how the word spreads to other like-minded people who will seek out your company above others.

A strong training program makes your company more attractive to prospective candidates, which is critical in this tight recruiting market. As Learning & Development becomes more common in the workplace, candidates know that they do not have to go with a company that will not train them, because they are very capable of finding a company who will provide training.

There are many downsides of not having an air-tight training program.

Here are just a few…

  • A company without a training program means that everyone is trained differently. That leaves room for more gaps, more room for error, more holes in their processes.
    • A company with holes in their processes has a higher risk in compliance and safety violations and therefore, often, higher legal costs.
    • Employees are frustrated when there are inconsistencies, which result in less productivity, lower morale, and higher turnover.
  • The price associated with keeping up on the turnover can become quite costly, especially if a company is hiring new employees only to be placed back into an environment with inconsistent training practices. It is like a never-ending cycle of wasted time, money, and effort.
  • All the above pitfalls lead to poor reputation in both the world of employees and customers alike. Word of mouth can be a good thing when things are done well, however, we all know what can happen with word of mouth when things fall short.

Not sure where to start with ensuring your company is set up for success with training? Need some assistance with creating a plan? We can help.

Whether it is utilizing our HR Consulting services to assist you with developing your organizational plan or allowing us to find you well-qualified training manager candidates, we are here for YOU! Give our team a call and let’s talk about your specific needs and how we can best serve you.


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94% of employees would stay at a company for this one reason (

Elisa Weathers, Training Director | August 9, 2021