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The Great Resignation? More like The Great Reshuffle

Chris Rogers

Regional Vice President – Mid-West

Hire Up Staffing & Healthcare

January 11, 2022

The Great Resignation is a term often associated with a May 2021 Bloomberg Businessweek article featuring Texas A&M Professor and organizational psychologist, Anthony Klotz. In this article, Klotz offers a foreboding quote, “the great resignation is coming.”  He cites the reason for this as experiences of “pandemic epiphanies—about family time, remote work, commuting, passion projects, life and death, and what it all means—that people can turn their backs on the 9-5 office grind.”

While there could be truth to the varying “pandemic epiphanies” American workers may have experienced, industry experts believe the movement seen in 2021 is more aptly referred to as The Great Reshuffle. What we have seen from a staffing perspective is that many blue-collar workers switched to better jobs in industries that are raising wages to grab new employees as fast as possible. This move is much more of a job hop, or a job shuffle, and less about a mass exodus out of the job market itself by way of resignations.
One way of interpreting these “pandemic epiphanies” could simply be that a large majority of American workers elected to reevaluate their work lives and use the pandemic as a launching pad into positions they were more interested in or that would allow for more freedom. Such freedoms likely to entice the average American worker include a better schedule that accommodates family needs, more money, or a position that better aligns with their passions and interests.

The dictionary defines reshuffling as a verb meaning to arrange or organize anew. The best advice to employers currently is to recognize ways to shuffle out old standards or policies that do not support the freedoms employees crave. Identify areas of opportunities within your organization and find new ways to re-energize old ways of doing things.

  • Work to become a stronger employee advocate and be consistent in your efforts.
  • Consider ways to offer additional scheduling flexibility to accommodate for the changes families have had to make since the pandemic.
  • Conduct a wage survey to see how your compensation measures up to others in your area and similar industries.
  • Identify mentoring opportunities to allow current employees the chance to learn new skills that may better align with their own passions and interests.

Follow the reshuffling trend and take the lead to arrange or organize anew within your employee engagement practices.

2021 placed job seekers in the driver’s seat and they used the free agency found within this candidate-driven market as fuel to get them onto new roads. These new roads prove that new ways of doing things can create new results. Change can be upsetting, however, when learning to roll with The Great Reshuffle, how you choose to play your hand is as important as ever.


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Quit Your Job: How to Resign After Covid Pandemic – Bloomberg

Chris Rogers, Regional Vice President – Mid- West | January 11, 2022

As the Regional Vice President of the Mid-West operations, Chris focuses on the mentorship and development of his Hire Up staff to ensure they are equipped to provide the best service to both our candidates and clients. Chris’ extensive knowledge of the staffing industry lays the groundwork for his teams to always deliver top-caliber talent to great organizations. His expertise includes experience in all disciplines from commercial and professional staffing to executive placement. Chris and his teams strive to improve the lives of their candidates and improve the businesses of their clients. Chris’ over 15 years in the staffing and recruitment industry includes the successful management of highly performing sales and recruiting teams throughout the Southwest. Chris would love to speak with you so he can help your business reach new heights.