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Interviewing: The Do’s and the Don’ts of the Job Search Process

As the Office Manager for Hire Up Staffing, I have seen a lot of candidates come in to our office over the years applying for work. The objective for all is to get a job. The impression that they make while attempting to do that varies greatly. I have been very impressed by some candidates whose resumes weren’t that well written or whose experience was lacking. On the other hand, job seekers who looked great on paper were not nearly as impressive in person.

The difference lies in the way they presented themselves in terms of attitude, attire and organization. Here are some do’s and dont’s to keep in mind when applying for employment:

  • Organization: Complete all requested items ahead of the appointment time. If the employer has asked to you to fill out an application or bring specific documentation with you, make sure you do it. Being unprepared gives the appearance that you are not able to follow directions or do not care enough about the meeting to prepare for it.
  • Punctuality: Arrive on time, 10 minutes early is best. Showing up late or too early for an appointment creates a negative impression that you do not value the interviewer’s time.
  • Attire: Dress professionally for all interviews. Clothes should be clean, pressed and appropriate for the workplace. Personal grooming is also very important in making a good first impression. You want the client to be able to visualize you performing the job, not talking about your outrageous hair color or outfit after the interview.
  • Attitude: Be pleasant and courteous to each person you come into contact with. Nothing is worse than being rude to the receptionist; hiring managers typically ask their front desk staff what their impressions are of candidates waiting for an interview.
  • Communication: Interviews can be stressful, but how you communicate can make all of the difference. Listen carefully to the interviewers questions, and formulate an appropriate response. Oftentimes, job seekers are so busy listening to a speech they prepared in their head, they are not actually listening to the questions the interviewer is asking them.

Do you have some additional do’s and don’ts you would like to share? I would love to hear your feedback. Please feel free to comment or email me directly. Thank you!

Carrie Bryson
Office Manager
Hire Up Staffing Services