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Targeting the Right Candidates

By hire-up-staffing in Industry Resources

It’s the new year, which means it’s a fresh start for a lot of people. For companies, it’s all about getting more people recruited. It’s not just the quantity of people, but the quality of services these people give to your business. As such, targeting the right candidates is one of the most important things in the hiring process.
Upon starting the recruiting process, it’s important to consider that not only is there a flood of candidates and a largely competitive job market, but also the fact that you should target the people who are fit for the positions open in your company. That is why it is of upmost importance to get the help of a reliable staffing firm that could zero in on the right people.
So, how exactly could you get a staffing firm to target the right candidates and filter out the people wrong for your open posts? Here are a few tips on how your company can connect with the best from the right pool of talents:
1. Utilize social media. There are plenty of social media tools out there that can allow you to wade through and isolate only the top quality people in your space. Sure, you can post your company’s open position on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and the like, but you’re not going to find top quality candidates doing only that.
Make sure the staffing firm you’re working with will use a little elbow grease and do research. They can determine quite simply where top quality candidates are by diving into certain blogs, Twitter chats, LinkedIn discussions, and the likes. In other words, know your audience and adjust accordingly, making sure the staffing company and yourself are on the same page.
2. Connect and communicate. It follows that you should be a valuable member of certain communities that you find are filled with the people you would like your company to be associated with. Sure, you can just literally put up some job postings and leave, but it would be much better to actually connect with such talents by contributing in a meaningful way.
Ask the staffing firm to chat with people, take part in conversations, or even start their own on your behalf, especially about industry-specific topics. Genuinely share your expertise and experiences to those who want to be in the know. Get the staffing firm to show a real person behind the company name so active job seekers may connect and learn from your company, and eventually want to work with you.
3. Concentrate on the tech savvy and impress them. It’s difficult to deny that technology keeps playing an ever-enlarging role in the business world. In the same way you are looking for a talent-filled candidate pool, people active in looking for work are also looking for the best at what they do.
One such way is to advertise in a way that is cutting edge – ask the staffing firm what they can do especially in a way that hasn’t been done before, or at least keep your company up to date with some of the latest technologies available in whatever industry you are in. A company that’s well-adjusted to technology will do far better than a company who keeps using software that’s 5 years outdated.
4. Encourage referrals from employees. Some companies even started creating referral programs that reward employees for successfully referring new candidates. Why is this so? It’s not just because of networking purposes – sometimes there are great talents hidden in candidate pools outside what we are aware of.
As such, encourage your people to make recommendations about people they know, especially if they know of people who have astounding skills but aren’t actually looking for a job (perhaps they’re in a different company for so long they’ve gotten comfortable, or are in a different field altogether at that moment). And then, pass off the information to the staffing firm so they may take the correct actions based on skill sets in accordance with your company’s open job postings.
The right candidate pool may be closer than you think – it’s just that sometimes we may not know where to look. With the above tips and proper services from a reliable staffing firm, your company is sure to get the top talents for current and future job postings. Connect with Hire Up Staffing today (559) 579-1331 so we can start on creating the perfect team for your business.