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Telecommuting: The Solution for Nonprofit and Philanthropy Positions

By hire-up-staffing in Industry Resources
There are plenty of people all over the world willing to lend a helping hand to charitable service organizations, and not many realize that this can also be done from halfway around the world. People can be nonprofit professionals in various communities that provide low-cost or even free services to people in need.
These great organizations can bridge the gap between social services which are federally funded and what people can provide for themselves, usually through no fault of their own (this includes economic failures and natural disasters). Temp nonprofit services may also include jobs that promote responsible eco-friendly living.
Here are just a few telecommuting jobs available online, to give you an idea of what you can do to help, not just your own community but also other communities practically anywhere around the world. Companies can also get an idea from this list of what they can outsource, if they can’t find people locally to help their cause.
Development Coordinator
Many development coordinators can work from home as part-time employees for nonprofits. Job description usually includes providing admin support, soliciting donors, maintaining records, preparing grants, and of course, coordinating events.
Communications Manager
Unpopularly known as a tele-commutable job, a communications manager position can actually be filled full time from home. People with excellent communications experience can promote a nonprofit brand and develop campaigns effectively and accurately even when working remotely.
Some companies need bookkeepers but not throughout all days of the week. This is the reason it’s a great position to outsource part time. Bookkeepers usually have accounting experience that involves processing of invoices and payroll, assisting with audits, and maintenance of records.
Field Director
While the position has the world “field” in it, this position is possible to be done remotely, full time. Some companies need someone to use someone who can coordinate activities that will build relations between a nonprofit and business or political leaders. This may also include recruiting volunteer activists.
Resource Development Consultant
Also known as a grant writer, this position is great for those who are excellent at preparing grants, creating fundraising strategies, writing various communication materials (both digital and print), and even maintaining a database. There’s often chance for a bit of travel, but mostly can be done from home.

Other available telecommuting jobs a company may consider or a person interested might like are positions for database technician, client advocate, and fundraising manager. Take the time to explore options whether as the person looking for a job or as the company looking for people who want to help.

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