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Tempted to Hire Temporary Employees? Discover the Benefits in Doing So

By hire-up-staffing in Industry Resources

Leah Perez

Vice President of Major Accounts

Hire Up Staffing & Healthcare


Our organization is in the staffing business and has been for years. Naturally, in this business, temporary employment opportunities are among the services we offer our clients. While temporary employment is nothing new to the industry, it has stepped up and made a name for itself as a helpful solution for organizations in this challenging job market.

Did You Know?

  • According to American Staffing Association, during an average week, there are more than three million temporary/contract employees working in the United States.
  • For the month of October 2021, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported an increase in 41,000 temporary help services jobs within the Professional & Business Services industry.

If you have not yet considered temporary and/or contract employees as a solution(s) for your organization’s hiring needs, you may find the benefits other companies are experiencing quite TEMP-ting. Temporary employees serve to support companies through peak seasons, special projects, and leaves/vacations. This interim coverage assists with maintaining the workload and moving the company forward despite short to mid-term gaps in staffing. We have seen firsthand by way of our clients that temporary workers allow for project deadlines to stay on track, peak seasons covered, and orders fulfilled.

Here are seven benefits for YOU and YOUR organization when you choose to hire temporary employees.

ARE you ready to be TEMP-ted?

  1. Faster Solutions: Temporary employees allow for organizations to adjust to the workload fluctuations much faster and more easily, allowing for a more seamless transition. Traditional hiring places time as your adversary, having to often start the search from scratch.
  2. Assists with Morale:  By adding additional support to the team in an expeditious manner, even if temporary support, your existing team is less likely become overworked and burned out. They can rest assured knowing you have a solution for the staffing insecurity. Your quick response to place a temporary employee demonstrates that you make your team’s work environment a priority.
  3. Overtime Minimized: Utilizing temporary employees allows you to ease the cost of your team’s overtime. Paying a straight hourly wage for temporary support is a win-win! You save payroll dollars by not paying overtime for the extra work and longer hours of your existing team, avoiding burn out.
  4. Workplace Flexibility: Flexibility within your organization is one of the more appealing yet often hidden benefits a workplace can offer. With the use of temporary support as an option, you build in a host of opportunity for your team. Temporary workers allow for an added amount of flexibility to ensure your company’s logistical needs are satisfied and that the members of your team can do what they need to do to take care of themselves and each other.
  5. Sample of Work: Temporary employees allow you to see their work in action, live and in real time, rather than making your best judgments based upon their well-versed answers to your interview questions. Temporary employees often show you right away if they walk the talk.
  6. Time is Money: While there are financial costs associated with hiring temporary help, the benefits of saving time with this option could end up saving you money long term. Consider the amount of recruiting hours your organization uses to screen candidates and schedule interviews, only for you to still be unsure if you have found the right match for your needs.
  7. Leave it to the Professionals: When you employ an agency, the agency serves as the temporary worker’s employer—NOT YOU. This small but important detail means that the agency is responsible and bears the financial burden of recruiting, screening, testing, hiring; payroll expenses and paperwork, payroll, and tax withholdings; unemployment and workers’ compensation insurance. Whew! Not to mention the training associated with a new hire, temporary or otherwise. You may find full-service agencies even provide training for the temporary employee, such as software application tutorials.

As you can see from this list, there truly are lasting benefits to utilizing temporary employees. If you have ever toyed with the idea, now might be the best time to try it. What do you have to lose? It is only temporary.

Our team of recruitment professionals can walk you through the steps and get you started. Simply give us the green light and we can send temporary support your way. We also have unique insight into staffing trends and employment tips that may assist with the specific needs of your area or industry. If the worries of staffing your team are keeping you up at night, please contact us. We are here to help, whether with temporary support or permanent placement, Hire Up is your one-stop shop for staffing solutions.


There is no doubt that 2021 will bring forth opportunities with which to leverage new and emerging employment trends. Follow the Hire Up Staffing & Healthcare Services Blog to stay connected with a variety of topics aimed to help support you! Whether you are an active job seeker looking for tips and tricks to land your perfect job or an employer looking to fill a challenging position, we are here to help you HIRE UP!

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Leah Perez, Vice President of Major Accounts | December 2, 2021

As the Vice President of Major Accounts, Leah focuses on the national level clients. Leah has over 16 years of recruiting experience in various industries from medical/clinical to administrative/accounting, all of which has launched her to being one of the most well-respected staffing leaders in California.  Clients and candidates would describe her as urgent, ethical, and most importantly she takes the time to understand her client’s needs so she can properly assist them. Leah would love to speak with you so she can help your business reach new heights.