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The Perfect Interview

By rebecca in Industry Resources

Looking for a job may seem simple, but when it comes to the interview, many applicants find this process to be a challenge. Most commonly, interviewees are nervous or unprepared which leads to the uncomfortable interview scenario. This involves shaking hands, a crack

ing voice, and the ever familiar uncomfortable silences after each interview question. At Hire Up Staffing, we are dedicated to helping our employees become more prepared for the interview process. We want you to avoid the uncomfortable interview and be confident in presenting who you are and what you stand for. The following tips will help you prepare and create The Perfect Interview to score your ideal job!


Keys to Success:

1. Doing research is a must! Knowing as much as possible about the company and position before the interview puts you in a power position. Not only will you seem very prepared, but you will also be able to converse in depth about the company.

Preparation Tips:

How large is the company?

What products or services do they offer?

Who are their competitors?

Who do they rank in their market?

What is their financial situation?

2. Never show up late to an interview or first meeting of any sort. The saying “First impressions are everything” is so true in the business world. Just think of how many people could be potentially applying for the same job as you. Now think of how many of those applicants will be on time. By showing up late, no matter what your skill set, it is an almost guaranteed bump to the back of the resume stack or hire list.

Preparation Tips:

Plan everything out the day before.

Figure out how much travel time you will need.

Always have copies of your cover letter, resume, and reference list ready to go.

Show up to the interview 15 minutes early for good measure, and in case they need you to fill out paperwork before hand.

3. Ask lots of questions! As important as it is to know as much about the company as possible, it is equally as important to show interest in learning more about them.  After their rounds of questions, be sure to have a list of your own questions to ask them.

Questions to Ask:

What’s the biggest change your group has gone through in the last year? Does your group feel like the recession is over and things are getting better, or are things still pretty bleak? What’s the plan to handle either scenario?

If I get the job, how do I earn a “gold star” on my performance review? What are the key accomplishments you’d like to see in this role over the next year?

What’s your (or my future supervisor’s) leadership style?

How do sales / operations / technology / marketing / finance operate and how do they interface with other departments? (I.e., groups other than the one you’re interviewing for.)

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4. One common question people forget to ask in interviews is the closing question at the end. Closing is one of the most important parts of the interview and can very well segue into the possibility of your second meeting. At the end, let the company know that you are very interested in the position. Then, ask the interviewer, “What is our    next step?” Ask for the interviewer’s direct phone number and the best time to follow up. This way, there are no loose ends and you know exactly what your next move should be.

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5. Lastly, follow up with the company and/or interviewer. Send a thank you note within 24 hours of the meeting thanking them for taking the time to interview you. If a phone number was obtained during the interview, do not hesitate to call and inquire about the possibility of your employment.

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