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The Secret in Finding People through Staffing Firms: Industry Knowledge

By hire-up-staffing in Industry Resources
More often than not, a company spends a significant amount of time looking for people who will be the right fit. It should be a proper combination of skills and personality – too much of one or the other will create a mismatch that may affect productivity in the workplace.
What then, is the key? The main differentiation in a staffing partner is their knowledge and expertise in whatever industry they belong to. Think of a company and a staffing firm as a mutual relationship wherein both would benefit as long as both parties would do their part.
Therefore, industry expertise can be the definitive line that separates the good staffing companies from the better ones. When you work with a staffing partner, it’s a risk. In fact, it’s a huge strategic investment, so it’s of utmost importance to maximize that investment in order to reach your company’s goals.
So how exactly then do you know you’re making the right choice? A very common client opinion we get is that a staffing company should be, on some level, an expert on certain client industries, including niche ones. While it’s true that staffing firms aren’t experts in all fields and all industries, at least a general but solid grip on core principles is ideal.
It can be quite challenging to assess if a staffing company is the right partner based on industry knowledge with regard to your business, but here are three tips to make sure they align with your company’s needs:
1. They Ask Questions
In order to learn, one must ask. Hence, in the professional world, people must always raise questions, and the right ones at that. This is also true for a staffing partner – if the firm does not have experience or even expertise in your industry, they should be curious enough to know what you are looking for. It’s not just enough to start gathering possible candidates – a staffing company does proper research so that they may help the partner company in reaching goals and finding the right fit for open positions.
2. They Make Sure to Be Diligent
In addition to asking the right questions about your company’s industry, a great staffing partner is duly diligent. There is a lot of research involved when it comes to keeping up with trends and industry-related news in relation to your business. It could be something as easy as scouring industry blogs for the latest news, or just checking credible resources every now and then in order to get critical business insight.
3. They Stay Active in Niche Organizations and Associations
To stay up-to-date, many staffing firms are even welcome to join industry-related associations and organizations. However, the more exceptional staffing companies don’t just join for the sake of being members – they are aware that these groups are the heartbeat of an industry. By being part of such groups, staffing firms gain access and exposure to leading news and trends almost effortlessly, including insight about challenges the industries face. Because your business belongs to it, it’s a potential challenge for your company as well. Great staffing firms dive in and help your company solve such challenges.
When it comes to finding and choosing a staffing partner, your company should ask the above questions. It’s not enough to just watch a selected staffing firm do all the work; it’s a mutual thing where your company should be an active part of the process. The choice is not just theirs but yours too – it’s a choice that will help your company achieve goals and maximize investment in talents and personnel. Hire Up Staffing is Fresno and the Central Valley’s leading staffing agency. We work hard to ensure all employers and businesses find the right staff with ease. We also work hard to make sure that all of our employees are happy! If you are looking to hire, give us a call (559)579-1331 today!