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The Secret to a Company’s Successful Partnership with a Staffing Agency

By hire-up-staffing in News and Updates


There are so many reasons to create a partnership with a staffing agency. However, it costs money – essentially this partnership is an investment that has to be strategic. This is exactly the reason you have to make a critical decision in maximizing that investment in order to reach your company’s goals. So, how do you know when you have made the right decision?

Guess what – the key is simple: industry knowledge!

Yes, industry knowledge is pivotal in choosing a staffing agency as your company’s partner. On some level, we are aware of this. In the same way you trust a specialist in their field because of their knowledge, you have to trust a staffing agency because of their expertise in their client industry.

While nobody expects a staffing agency to be an expert in all fields and industries, it is essential they have a solid understanding of you, your business, and your core principles. Just how do you assess whether your potential staffing partner has the industry knowledge you need? It can be challenging, but here are three ways to make sure your selected staffing firm gets it right. If you observe these in a staffing agency, you are bound to be in good hands.

They Ask the Right Questions

It’s one thing to just be there and ask questions, but it’s an entirely thing to ask the right ones too. This goes for any professional, but is especially true for staffing partners. Asking the right questions means learning something new, and vice versa.

If a staffing firm doesn’t have that specific experience in the industry you belong to, it doesn’t mean you should rule them out. However, they should be asking you questions so they could get the knowledge and information they need so you and your company can meet your goals.

They Are Meticulous and Diligent

A good staffing firm doesn’t just ask questions and get input regarding your industry – they should also do their job of researching related trends, news, and everything in between that relates and affects your business.

It could be anything from reading industry blogs, checking out trade publications, or something else along those lines. Whichever it is, your staffing firm of choice should be able to dish out a few industry news sources they access showing that they are doing their best to increase insight of your business and the industry you belong in.

They Are Active in Your Industry’s Associations and Organizations

Regardless what business you are in, there will always be groups and organizations that cater to your particular industry. Chances are, you belong in a few yourself. A good staffing agency that does their job well would also immerse themselves in such organizations, whether as members or as constant invitees.

Exceptional staffing companies know that these associations are the driving force of an industry, and thus having access to these groups and participating in related events would equate to proper discussion and decent amount of exposure in leading industry trends and news.

On top of this, they also learn the challenges of the industry and – by association – your business. This critical piece of knowledge is the make or break factor, as it offers the firm important insight into how your business works, as well as how they can help solve such challenges.

Other Tips

Other than business knowledge and information specific to your industry, it is also important for you to properly assess what your partner knows of the local staffing market. Ask yourself if with them you can make your goals a reality. Can their talent recommendations assure you reach your project objectives? Does this firm have a strong grasp on recent hiring trends not just in general but also specific to your industry?

When it comes to selecting the staffing partner for you and evaluating their industry knowledge, it’s important to ask questions. Don’t just leave them to do things without your participation – be a part of the process even in the most minimal of ways. This way, you get better results and you maximize your investment to its fullest potential.

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