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Top 10 Tips for Good Attitude and Confidence in a New Workplace (Part 1)

By hire-up-staffing in Industry Resources
Whether you’re starting a job right off the bat or transferring from a different employer, a new environment almost always feels exciting but also a little bit scary. We keep getting advice that “confidence is key,” but how does one really do that?
There’s no doubt whatsoever that a person’s confidence level is part of someone’s success – and there’s a difference between that and being cocky. The former contributes to success while the latter takes from it, so be sure not to cross that fine line.
When getting a new job, confidence is more important than ever. Yes, we all want to do well immediately, not just for ourselves but for the company’s success as well.
Hollywood producer Stephanie Laing once went on an interview with Time Magazine about this, and we’ve broken down the traits she mentioned into a top 10 list of how to be more confident and assertive in the workplace.
Between you and us, the list is not really in a specific order. However, while the order is subjective and you can rank it on your own, know that all of these traits are important, not just when starting out but all throughout your career whether in the same company or a new one.
Be Thankful for the Job
Be humble and let go of ego. Always be thankful that you have that job – conceit and ego do not equate to confidence. You may thank your boss for the opportunity probably just once, but remember to be grateful every day of your life.
Listen and Be Heard
You can strive to be heard, which is a good thing. However, remember to listen! Speaking up doesn’t mean you need to start screaming or yelling. Not only is this unprofessional, but it also shows respect. Never let people talk over you, but don’t talk over others either.
Be Polite
In addition to the previous point, be kind, courteous and polite. The basics like saying please and thank you is good, but make sure you only apologize when and only when you’ve done something wrong. According to Laing, real confidence is owning up to the mistake and then making sure it never happens again.
Every day is a chance to learn – never cease being a student! In fact, take notes and do your homework, not just about the job but the people around you too. For example, when attending a meeting, read up on the people who will attend. Know more about them and then use that to strike up a conversation, and of course, learn from them too!
Have a Sense of Humor
In relation to the previous point, having a sense of humor in moderation at work is good. Laughter connects people and helps break down walls. Use it to find and connect with like-minded people.

There are 5 more tips for creating confidence and good attitude, which we’ll discuss in the next week. For help in applying for a new job you’ve got your eye on, contact us – we’re here to help!