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Top 10 Tips for Good Attitude and Confidence in a New Workplace (Part 2)

By hire-up-staffing in Industry Resources
Previously we described 5 ideal mind sets on having good attitude and confidence when in a new workplace. Here are 5 more ways to have decent manners and assertiveness, not just when going into a new job but in general as well!
Be Bold yet Humble
They say that one must not stop learning, even after finishing schooling. In fact, asking for help is not just a humbling act – it’s a sign you are willing to know more and to improve. It doesn’t mean you are weak, and it is way better than trying to impress people by faking it when you find yourself completely lost and confused. The truth is, you can’t really possibly know everything, and especially not when you are still new. As long as you did what you can but still find you need a bit more guidance, you will not only learn but you will also earn respect from your peers and mentors. Trust us – your company would rather you ask a lot of questions than do a lot of things incorrectly a countless number of times.
Support Everyone
It is really important to be supportive of your coworkers. While it’s important to be confident, that does not necessarily mean you have to be competitive. Yes, you want to be noticed at work and you want to get ahead, but do remember that everyone else around you is doing the same thing. Instead of competing, why not support each other instead? Rather than trash talking and gossiping, help each other out. Else, it will be a poor reflection on your behavior.
Be Straightforward
Remember the cliché that goes, “there’s no point in beating around the bush?” Well, there really is no use – instead, be assertive and straightforward. Ask for what you want instead of wasting time wondering why people don’t get your hints. People, by nature, want to help others but often don’t know how. As long as you ask something specific and within reason, it shouldn’t be a problem.
Interact. Be Engaging!
First, look your coworkers in the eyes and put your phone away. There is nothing worse than feeling like you’re getting 50% of someone’s attention. And, if you actually engage in conversation during meetings rather than scrolling through Twitter, you might come up with a killer idea.
Be Optimistic
Truth be told, no one wants to be around someone who’s so negative and complains all the time. If you always talk pessimistically about your job or the people around you, don’t be too surprised when you end up eating alone at the office break room or having a sad salad by yourself on your desk. Yes, we all have our ups and downs, but don’t let the lows overtake the high points! You definitely won’t be feeling confident if you let that happen.
Got a job you have your eye on? If you feel you’re ready to face a new challenge career-wise, we’re here to help!