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What Makes an Employee Happy: An In-Depth Look

By hire-up-staffing in Industry Resources
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Whether you have more employees than there are stars in the sky, or you have only a handful, one thing should always be on your mind: What makes my people stay? You may think that a decent wage and occasional days off would keep them around, but there’s more to employee satisfaction than one may think.
Yast, a company whose time-tracking tool of the same name built for freelancers and interns, recently conducted a survey that revealed that as much as 80% of employees stay with their companies simply because they enjoy their jobs!
Surprised? We were, in a good way. Here are just some of the pieces of information compiled that we think may be of value to your company. We as a staffing firm can only do so much as to help you find the right people – at the end of the day it is still up to you on how you keep them around, regardless of them being in temp or permanent positions.
Work-Life Balance
About 67% of employees enjoy what they do, citing it as a reason for not moving to a different job. More women say they have an acceptable work-life balance: 72% for women, 62% for men. Other reasons for staying with their current employer:
·         80% enjoy their work
·         76% have a work-life balance
·         63% feel connected to the company
·         57% feel they are making a difference
Rewards and Recognition
It is part of human nature to want to be recognized, so it is no surprise that 65% of employees who are already satisfied with their roles (which is out of the 63% of the surveyed people) said they would work even harder if they had better recognition. Here are other stats:
·         79% of employees want year-end rewards
·         85% said $100 or less would meet their expectations for a reward
·         55% said even just $25 is enough to make the holidays brighter
Compensation and Benefits
When asked how benefits and pay would pan out as reasons to stay with their current employer:
·         Men: 62% pay, 59% benefits
·         Women: 57% pay, 61% benefits
With 6 out of 10 workers receiving health insurance coverage via their employers, this also comes as no surprise. In addition, the following cited benefits as a reason to stay:
·         67% ages 35-44
·         66% age 55 and up
·         54% ages 18-34
Job Security
About 70% of workers who feel secure at their job say they have happiness at work. In addition, 65% say job security is very important to their satisfaction levels, with 64% benefits, 62% recognition, and 61% relationship with their supervisor as close contenders.
Listening to Music
There are about a third of US adult workers who listen to music at work. With the onslaught of music streaming sites, various listening devices, and other means of having music at all times, 4 out of every 5 people say listening to music improves their productivity.
On a related note, 77% of UK businesses report that music at work improved the atmosphere and boosted employee morale.
Break Times
Productivity increased as high as 9% when employees were allowed to visit sites for personal use.
Even just short 10-minute breaks, especially outdoors, are so important that 53% said a daily dose of that would make them happier, healthier, and more productive.
Companies like Chevron would conduct 10-minute stretch breaks daily for employee groups who are in stressful, sedentary positions.
Relationships at Work
Managers, coworkers, and the entire organization are consisted of people that employees face daily. Here are men and women’s stands:
Reason to stay
We hope these statistics will help you keep your employees happy and that they stay with you for a long time. Allow us to find the right fit for the open positions in your company, whether temporarily or on a more long-term basis.