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Why Gen Y: What Makes Millennials Tick and Why It’s a Good Choice to Hire Them

By hire-up-staffing in HRUpdates

Why Gen Y- What Makes Millennials Tick and Why It’s a Good Choice to Hire Them

Millennials are the face of the modern workforce. In fact, Fresno county has seven towns included in California’s top 100 best places for young professionals – namely Kingsburg, Mendota, Selma, Reedley, Fowler, Huron, and Sanger.

But first, what defines a millennial anyway? Some even call them “Generation Y,” “Generation Next,” or even “Echo Boomers” (a play on the Baby Boomer generation). While definitions vary, the general consensus is that Generation Y comes from those born roughly between the early 1980s to the early 2000s.

Though this generation goes by various monikers and its actual definition varies depending on who you ask, we all know the millennials are all slowly getting into today’s pool of working citizens, whether as interns or some other part of the workforce. In fact, some of the earlier born millennials are now even reaching managerial roles!

They may be different from their previous generations, but they’re making the most out of it. Millennials are often unconventional in the way they act and think, which has both its upsides and downsides. A lot of organizations right now are more open to these unconventional thinkers, there will still be a few companies that will think of “different” as something not too positive.

Smart employers these days know they should embrace the thought of having Generation Y in their ranks, opening their doors to these people in making significant contributions in whatever business these companies are in. Whether it’s for a short term or internship position, or for something that goes further than that, companies today here in Fresno and elsewhere need to broaden their perspectives and consider these benefits of hiring the millennial generation.

1. Tech-savvy

Generation Y is arguably the first generation that grew up with computers everywhere. As such, people in this pool have an almost automatic trait of being tech-savvy and they adapt to technology pretty quick. This generation can help your company advance into the newer technologies such as using social media and content management systems.

2. Team Players

The millennial generation are the most connected people, not just because of the onset of various advanced technologies, but also because of their more open communication when it comes to helping others probably due to various negative events in the past being more broadcast openly.

People these days are also now used to online collaboration which allows people to work with complete strangers. This actually allows this generation to be more open to being team players, having these people more capable of teamwork and peer-to-peer connections, as well as working alongside older generations that belong to Generation X and even Baby Boomers!

3. Cost-Effective

Millennials, in comparison to previous generations, seem to be less motivated by money. In a survey back in 2009 conducted by, 37% of employers report “work/life balance and flexibility” motivates Gen Y the most, with only 17% saying “compensation” is their primary driver.

In the same survey, it was revealed that 40% of graduates from 2008 still lived with their parents, and most of those who fall under this umbrella seem to not mind and are willing to do so for a little bit longer.

4. Self-Expressive

The millennials are undoubtedly expressive, with tools like Twitter and blogging to express themselves. Previous generations may cringe at the thought of sharing information this way, Tweeting is just one of the ways Gen Y are making the most of their thoughts. In the workplace, this may lead to great brainstorming and expression of thoughts which may lead to fresh new solutions to things.

5. Acceptance Seeking

There are people who dub millennials to be the “Trophy Generation” because of this group’s general upbringing. The way this generation looks for acceptance is actually a good thing – the constant need for recognition, validation and praise may motivate these people to do better, push for feedback, and work hard in order to get positive results.

6. Mildly Competitive

This generation is quite conscious of competition, especially in since they came of age during a worldwide recession. This made them more aware of job market competition, so it allows them to be more grateful of employment opportunities around them, often the ones more likely to make more effort in staying in a job.

As an employer, you should be more open to getting hires from Generation Y. Albeit a little different and having less experience, these people are always willing to learn. With the right attitude and a good group of role models setting the tone, welcoming millennials into your organization may just be a step in the right direction.

We can help you find the best Generation Y talent in the Fresno area! Reach out to us now.