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Why It’s Good to Screen Your Employees

By hire-up-staffing in Industry Resources


Some people do not get the reasoning behind background checks, but it’s one of the most reliable ways for employers to ensure they have a productive, effective workforce. It helps protect the future of a business, no matter the size.

Here are 5 reasons to implement screening measures when hiring or even checking up on current employees:

1. Résumé Fraud

The people who commit résumé fraud can seriously damage a company’s future. This usually involves applicants putting incorrect information on purpose, such as dates of employment, skills, past accomplishments, and even enhancing job titles and responsibilities. This usually happens when an applicant wants to boost their presence to a prospective employer who they believe might not complete an adequate screening. Ensure your company is not fooled.

2. Substance Use

Did you know that workplace substance abuse in the US costs businesses as much as $100 billion each year, with nearly 13 million users in the states employed whether full or part time? Protect your company from people who use and abuse drugs and alcohol.

3. High Unemployment

The recession that hit the States and the rest of the world may have gotten down, but unemployment still remains high in certain places. This is why it’s important to thoroughly check all potential future employees, so your company can hire the best.

4. Criminal Records

A background check can help you decide and protect your business from possible risks. For example, a potential employee has a criminal record for theft, and the job role he or she applied for involves handling cash or valuable items, it’s highly unlikely your company would want to hire them for that specific position.

5. Costs

Performing background checks is like an investment. It may have upfront costs now, but they are minor compared to the possible risk you might have to shell out should things go downhill. Such an example would be to hire an applicant without knowing they have a history of violence – imagine the cost and psychological damage it may incur for your company and affected employees. Your company could be liable for a significant amount of money and it would give bad publicity as well.

To ensure our employees are good matches for our clients, we screen all applicants. Hire Up conducts an extensive background check on each individual candidate during our interviewing process. Read more about it by clicking here.

If  you are looking to hire and are located in the Central Valley, we are here to help!! Contact our office (559)579-1331 and we can get the ball rolling on hiring your new employee.