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Why Temporary Work is a Great Opportunity

By hire-up-staffing in Industry Resources

Recently, we have received an influx of temporary job orders from our clients. In presenting these positions to many of our job seekers who religiously call week in and week out with their availability, they are declining the “opportunity”. Often times in our industry, temporary work is looked down upon by job seekers. I’ve never completely understood why and have really had to put myself in the shoes of the job seeker. Here is what I have come to realize. I have thought long and hard about this and can certainly understand that the idea of committing to a temporary job will hold you back from obtaining a permanent job. Truly, that idea is just that, an idea. Isn’t any job better than no job? I say it is!! Here is why I think a temporary job can be a great opportunity.

  • Even though our client/employer states the job is temporary, oftentimes it leads to a permanent role. Especially for those who go into the temporary role with the right attitude and give it their all.
  • Earning an hourly pay is certainly better than not!
  • Working temporary assignments will definitely improve your self esteem. Doesn’t it always feel better to be productive?
  • Temping also allows you to create a new and expanded professional network by interacting with new professionals who make hiring decisions in the area who may later be able to assist you by providing you with a reference for a job done well or better yet, a full time permanent job.
  • Using your skill set keeps your mind sharp, alive and current!
  • Working in a new environment on new software systems, with new office equipment and on new projects gives you additional skills and is great for adding to your resume.
  • Speaking of resumes, it keeps your resume current as you will have less gaps of employment.

Job Seekers, I welcome any input you have regarding this matter. Again, because I still do not completely understand why someone would not accept a temporary job, I’d love to hear your comments and feedback. Maybe this will allow me to better understand and have the opportunity to work in tandem with you and my employers so we can all have a better understanding!!

As for employers, I would also love to hear your comments and feedback relating to your experience with utilizing temporary workers. What are you seeing as far as the quality of temporary workers, the need for utilizing temporary workers and what would you love to see in a temporary worker?

Aimee Anderson
Relationship Director
Hire Up Staffing Services