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We work closely with each company to determine the exact qualifications, skill and personality needed to meet any job.

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Who Are We?

Hire Up is the Central Valley’s newest full service staffing firm that partners with community businesses to provide the best possible candidates for permanent or temporary employment.

Hire Up Staffing Professionals work closely with each client to determine the exact qualifications, skill and personality desired to make the best match. We are committed to high performance, unsurpassed customer service and *stellar* business knowledge. One objective is to develop long term, trusting relationships between our clients and the individuals we place.

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Industry Resources

  1. 5 Employee Orientation Mistakes Made By Employers

    New employee orientation is your company’s best opportunity to set up a strong foundation for your new hire, building a solid relationship with their new position within the business. When an orientation goes well, the new employee feels a connection with the company and strives to accomplish their goals in order to ensure a strong, long term future there. Many employers set out with the best of intentions, but end up with a poor orientation by committing these 5 mistakes.
  2. 8 Things Your Interviewer Wished You Knew

    It’s Important To Be Honest – One of the biggest turn offs to a hiring manager is to come across an area of the resume where the truth has been stretched or you misrepresent yourself. Don’t lie, we want to hire the real you!
  3. Dress For The Job You Want – Part II

    One of the first things that we all learn when entering the work world is to “dress professionally” when going on an interview. Last week in a Hire Up blog post, we discussed the importance of “dressing for success” in relation to women. Now, it is time to talk about MEN!

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  1. Hire Up Helps Choose a Career That’s Best For You!

    There are very few people who dreamed of being a fireman or an astronaut at the age of five and actually became one later in life. Some people go to college for 4 plus years to earn a degree that they don't have any interest in ever using in the work world. The truth is that dreams, goals, and interests change throughout life with age, experiences, and time. Hire Up Staffing understands that and wants to help you find the career that best suits you! Whether you’re trying to decide where to look for your first job or pondering a possible career change, here’s what you should consider when thinking through this important decision:

I handle hiring for several companies, and I am completely sold on Hire Up's service and attention to detail. Rebecca and the Hire Up team make my job easier by listening to our key concerns and focusing on our needs & goals.KC - Food Manufacturing Company
When I need help on a project or just need to get caught up, I like to turn to someone I know I can trust to send reliable and capable people, so I call Hire Up.Patrick - Broadcasting Industry