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We work closely with each company to determine the exact qualifications, skill and personality needed to meet any job.

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Who Are We?

Hire Up is the Central Valley’s newest full service staffing firm that partners with community businesses to provide the best possible candidates for permanent or temporary employment.

Hire Up Staffing Professionals work closely with each client to determine the exact qualifications, skill and personality desired to make the best match. We are committed to high performance, unsurpassed customer service and *stellar* business knowledge. One objective is to develop long term, trusting relationships between our clients and the individuals we place.

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Industry Resources

  1. Implementing Company Policies That Work!

    Change is never easy, but for companies to evolve and grow, it is import that company policies do as well. Hire Up Staffing wants to give you some simple tips and steps to properly implement a policy that will work. First things first, Make sure the policy is necessary for your company! The last thing you want to do is implement a policy that doesn’t make sense for your organization or is unneeded. If you do, then you’ll simply wind up with more red tape and a greater chance that your team won’t stick to the policy once it’s created.
  2. How To Turn A Temp Job Into A Permanent Job

    Here are 5 Tips to Make Yourself Essential! So you have yourself a temporary job, congratulations. Now, it turns out you like the company you’re with and you would prefer to stay put. You have the opportunity to turn your temporary job into a long term position, and we’re going to show you how. Here are five ways to make yourself too good to let go.
  3. How Important Is A College Degree? Here Are the Facts.

    Have you noticed a difference in the requirements for some job openings these days? Seems like things have changed a lot over the past few years. A High School Diploma or GED is commonly an absolute must, but now an Associates and even a Bachelor’s Degree is becoming desired and even sometimes mandatory for entry level positions. College or higher education & training is starting to look more like a necessity over time.

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  1. Is Your Resume a “10”?

    Everything that we have learned until now about resumes may be false. Experts in the field of recruiting, just like us, have done their research and found the truth about what can make or break a resume. On a scale of 1 to very important, we have found that Work Experience, Skills, and Presentation far exceed Education/Training, Sense of Personality, and Extra-Curriculars. While all of those things are very important, studies show that employers seem to be drawn to specific areas on a resume first before all else.

I handle hiring for several companies, and I am completely sold on Hire Up's service and attention to detail. Rebecca and the Hire Up team make my job easier by listening to our key concerns and focusing on our needs & goals.KC - Food Manufacturing Company
When I need help on a project or just need to get caught up, I like to turn to someone I know I can trust to send reliable and capable people, so I call Hire Up.Patrick - Broadcasting Industry