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A Balanced Diet Can Improve Your Work

By rebecca in Industry Resources


Are you able to remember how you felt after eating Thanksgiving Dinner? Did you feel Lethargic, tired, and unmotivated? These are all common symptoms from eating a large meal or one that consists of lots of sugary, fatty, and processed foods. On a smaller scale, an unhealthy breakfast or lunch at work can make you feel the same way, in turn affecting your work performance.

In recent studies, nutritionists found that a lack of nutrients from too much processed foods and not enough fresh veggies and fruits, can leave many people feeling as if they’re working at only a fraction of their capacity and reduce output on the job.

GOOD NEWS! There is a way around this with a balanced diet.

Here are some helpful tips from our guest writer, Nutrition and Health Coach Nick Deck, that are sure to help you feel 100% ALL WORK DAY LONG!!


Skip the Soda & Drink More Water

Most drinks we have available to us are full of junk. They have an abundance of sugar, chemicals, and other stuff your body really doesn’t want you to consume, and that will keep you steadily tipping the scale in the wrong direction. Even most fruit juices are loaded with sugar, and high in calories. Water is the most cleansing substance a person can consume. With all of the trends to do cleanses and detox regimens, most of us neglect the most abundant resource on our planet! Drink mostly water with every meal, and lots in between and you’ll feel revitalized.


Avoid Sugar & Read Labels

Everything we eat these days seems to have added sugar. Nearly anything that comes in a package has some form of sweetener in it and most of them have loads of the stuff! Sugar stimulates a surge of insulin that causes a hyperactive energy boost for a few minutes, which can seem great, but shortly after you will be in the midst of the sugar blues. Your energy crashes and you feel like you would rather take a nap than do any work.


Don’t Over Eat

You already know how you feel after a big meal. Once again you’ll be searching for a warm dark place to doze off, rather than get back to the project you were working on. Eat a good breakfast to hold you over to lunch, and eat just enough at lunch to hold you over to dinner. If you balance your meals you also won’t have the urge to snack throughout the day or a rumbling tummy distracting you.


Fresh Foods (Organic if possible)

Everyone knows we should be eating more fruits and vegetables. What they don’t know is how important it is. The majority of the population is deficient in one thing or another. If you don’t get the vitamins, minerals, or phytochemicals your body requires, it doesn’t function as well. You internal systems require a multitude off these micronutrients to conduct the thousands of tasks your body does every day. You can only get these micronutrients from fresh, whole foods.

Also, consider the conditions our meat comes from. I won’t go into detail, but the places they live, food they eat, and way they are slaughtered is absolutely terrible.  As a result the quality of the food is about the same. Eat free range and grass fed, and you will be doing yourself (and the world) a favor.


Quick Healthy Snack and Drink Ideas:

Carrots, apples, or celery with natural peanut or almond butter

Any and all fruits

Plain yogurt and honey

Dried fruit (unsweetened)

Raw nuts

Quick and easy salads with natural dressings or oil and vinegar

Avocado with lemon squeezed on it

Cucumbers with lime, salt, and chili powder

Green Tea (Iced or Hot) and sweetened with honey

Fresh squeezed juice

Homemade smoothies (No sugar added)


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