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Congrats Susan!! Our Fresno EOTM for October

By amarquezdev in Employee of the Month

We are extremely happy to have Susan as a part of our extended Hire Up team. She is doing great in her placement and we are so proud!

Hire Up Recruiting Manager

We are over the moon excited that we were able to present our Employee of the Month award to such a wonderful person! Meet Susan — she’s a hard working, highly skilled receptionist who goes above and beyond in her placement. She’s been with Hire Up Staffing for about 5 months now and we are LUCKY to have her! Thank you Susan for setting the bar so high.


Q: How long have you worked with Hire Up?

A: I have worked for Hire Ups since July, 2019

Q: Tell us what you like about working with Hire Up Staffing:

A: Over the years I have worked for several staffing companies in Fresno, but have always felt like they didn’t care about me;  even the largest one.  When I stepped into the office at Hire Ups, I was greeted by Katelynn, who is like a breath of fresh air;  then I was directed to Carolyn, who also was so kind and sweet, and I really felt that she cared about me and I felt this is the place for me.  After only several days, Carolyn called me and she had gotten me an interview with Wawona.  I have to say how important it is to care about your applicants and Hire Ups REALLY cares.

Q: Tell us about your position:

A: I was hired on a temp basis with Wawona as their Receptionist.  I find the business fascinating since I didn’t really know much about this type of business.  The staff is very nice, as are the principles of the business.  I try my best to get along with everyone and keep a low profile, but there is one that is hard to talk to, so I stay clear.  I am a Receptionist through and through, it is extremely easy for me and I love people, but, I have to be careful to really hold back the fun, lite person I am, for fear of getting in trouble.  JoAna is such a mentor and really listens.

Q: What do you love about your job?

A: I know no matter what, I will depend on Hire Ups to help me with my job quest, whether here or somewhere else.  I love an office that cares for their people, and makes the environment a warm one – appreciates and values their employees  I previously worked for an attorney’s office, that did not appreciate their staff, and was always looking for new people, firing continually, when in fact it wasn’t the employees that were the problem but the attorneys.  I want a company that values their staff.

Q: Tell us a fun blurb or fact about yourself!

A: A fun fact???  I know I can say I am honest, trustworthy, and caring to a fault.  I showed Quarter Horses on a high level; my horses were in Texas and Kansas and I traveled most of the U.,S. showing halter horses.  If I got to a show with a top horse that I was showing and had all my points for the World Show;  and someone else needed points to make it in, I would tell the trainer to keep my horse out of the ring, so that person could win.  I have always been a team player;  and caring for the “other” guy was always my mission in life.  God has blessed me, and if I can bless someone else I am glad to do that.