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Congratulations Andrea of Visalia – February's EOTM!

By rebecca in Employee of the Month


We would like to recognize Andrea  – AP Freight Processing Clerk, as the February Hire Up Employee of the Month for the entire Visalia area! This title is given to the employees who go above and beyond in their position and truly shine.

Here’s what her supervisor, Sam Cushing, at Western Milling had to say: “Andrea began as File Clerk and quickly moved to an AP Freight Processing Clerk. In a word, Andrea is tenacious. She progressively adds value to our company. Her willingness to learn, and grow both personally, and professionally are evident in her everyday interactions with her team. The goals she has set for this quarter exemplify that – protecting the company and building confidence.
Andrea has been an asset to Western Milling during her tenure here. Thank you, Andrea!”

All of us at Hire Up thank you for your hard work and dedication Andrea!