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Dress For The Job You Want – Part I

By rebecca in Talent Tools and Updates

Part I – Women

One of the first things that we all learn when entering the work world is to “dress professionally” when going on an interview.

In an earlier Hire Up blog post we researched exactly how important this is to interviewers and found that IT ONE OF THE TOP THINGS EMPLOYERS LOOK AT when hiring.

The question is, what does “dress professionally” actually mean? And how do we know what is acceptable for each position?

Imagine you are selling your house. You must first make it look nice for anyone to consider purchasing it. You also want to look at the type of people that may be in the market for your house and stage according to how they might like their house to look. The same principal applies to interviews. You must look like you are dressed for the job you are applying for! You should match the brand of the company and look like you belong there.

Here are some tips to help you dress to get the job you want!

Research the company you are interviewing at. For example, if the company is a financial institution, we highly recommend not wearing shorts or open toed shoes. The idea is to look at the company’s brand, and try to not distract from it. If the company colors are blue and gray, wear colors like grays, whites, blacks, and blues. Look at what employees are wearing and dress somewhat similar.


Present a neat, clean, and organized appearance. As an interviewee, you are a potential representative of the company and should appear that way. Clean shoes, styled hair, and manicured nails are just a few things you can do to impress. Showing up with purple hair and facial piercings may steer the company’s opinion in the other direction.


Pay attention to accessories and DON’T OVER DO IT! It is easy to go from classy to cheezy in a matter of seconds. For an office job, simple and stylish is the desired look. For an artistic position, fun and colorful jewelry would be appropriate.



Low-cut or see-through blouses

Leather pants or mini skirts

Visible bra straps or mid driftOpen-toed

Strappy sandals or stilettos



Nice shoes, manicure, roots (if you color your hair)

Fitted, not tight, silhouettes; conservative length and shapes for skirts and pants

Jackets in striking colors.

For more outfit inspiration CLICK HERE

Next week we will discuss Do’s and Don’ts for men!

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