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How Important Is A College Degree? Here Are the Facts.

By rebecca in Talent Tools and Updates

Have you noticed a difference in the requirements for some job openings these days?

Seems like things have changed a lot over the past few years. A High School Diploma or GED is commonly an absolute must, but now an Associate’s and even a Bachelor’s Degree is becoming desired and even sometimes mandatory for entry level positions. College or higher education & training is starting to look more like a necessity over time.

Studies have shown that 32% of Human Resource Professionals said that they hire more employees with college degrees for positions normally performed by staff members with only high school diplomas.

The following percentages are to show the different industries that are more likely to hire an employee with a degree over one without for lower level positions:

  • Financial Services – 53%
  • Health Care – 40%
  • Manufacturing – 38%
  • Transportation & Utilities – 37%
  • Information Technology – 33%
  • Professional & Business Services – 31%
  • Retail – 28%
  • Hospitality – 20%

Over all, More than 54% of employers reported that they require an associate’s degree or higher for their positions; and 44% require a four-year degree or higher.

Approximately 18% of employers said they have increased their educational requirements for jobs over the past five years.

It seems that the trend may be becoming a lot more popular due to a very competitive job market, which is causing many college graduates to accept jobs below their skill level.

The positive effects of hiring college graduates:

Most employers who have hired more workers with college degrees for jobs historically held by high school graduates reported positive effects on their business effects, like:

  • 64% Noticed a higher quality of work
  • 45% Increased productivity
  • 22% Increased revenue
  • 18% Customer loyalty

What do you think the best way to screen outside candidates for a job is?

Bachelor’s Degree?
Associates Degree?
Some higher education?
Mostly just job Experience?
High School Diploma?
Available to start ASAP?