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How Much Can A Bad Hire Cost You?

By rebecca in Staffing Updates

How much can a bad hire cost you? A survey from EMSI and CareerBuilder has found that it can be as much as $50,000. Have we got your attention yet? Without a thorough recruitment process to screen out the “bad apples,” a bad hire can cost your business more than you know.

Consider the difference in productivity between a great hire and a subpar employee, doing just enough to get by without being fired. A great employee is looking for a place to move up. They treat their superiors with respect and look forward to making a good impression in hopes to stand out. They are highly driven to succeed, and go above and beyond with the hopes that when the opportunity arises for advancement in your company, they will be the first choice for the job. A bad hire is usually there just for the position they applied for, and do only what it takes to maintain a level of performance that ensures they won’t be let go.

Now consider the effect this has on your other employees. If the “bad apple” slacks off, produces little, and disregards their superiors, what will happen to your “good apples”? More often than not, they won’t be inclined to pick up their co-workers slack, and if they do, they won’t be happy about it. Good morale throughout your office plays a big role in productivity, and in turn, profits. When one person begins to slack, it isn’t long before others are following their lead and production begins to drop.

How might your clients feel if they are being helped by a less than friendly employee who cares little about the position they hold with your company? According to the survey, customer relations is one of the largest areas to suffer from poor hires. A customer is more likely to give you their business when they are dealing with a great employee that makes them feel like they are truly appreciated. Both new and existing clients can be lost if they are interacting with the wrong person. Most clients are willing to spend more if they feel like they have a good relationship with your business, but that all depends on the one-on-one interactions of your employees. If you lose a client, you lose a sale, and potentially many more.

Now what can you do to avoid these losses? A great staffing agency can help to ensure the employees you hire are all “good apples.” Where can you find a good staffing agency? Well lucky for you, you already have. Hire Up Staffing! Call us today (559)579-1331