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Introducing Our Bakersfield EOTM for November

By amarquezdev in Employee of the Month

We were lucky to find such a wonderful employee to represent Hire Up Staffing! Keep up the wonderful work you are doing in your position.

– Hire Up Recruiting Manager

The month of November, for most, is a time to reflect on things that they are grateful for. As part of our Hire Up core values and beliefs as a company, we take that same concept and apply it to our work lives year around. We are THANKFUL and GRATEFUL for each and every employee and the service they provide for us and our clients. Employee of the month is one way we get to show our people how thankful we truly are! This month we chose Viviana Gonzalez, a rockstar Leasing Agent, as our EOTM for the Bakersfield area!

She’s been in her position for about 1 month and has proven to be an asset to the team. She shows up for work everyday ready to do her best, to help where help is needed, and to make sure everything gets done in an efficient and timely manor. She excels in all that she does, and for that we are THANKFUL! We are proud to have such a wonderful employee represent Hire Up in the field.

Some of our Bakersfield Branch team went out to visit Viviana on site earlier this month. They presented her with an official Hire Up Staffing EOTM award and some goodies for being awesome.

Are you an employee of Hire Up Staffing and interested in becoming the next Employee of the Month? Great news… YOU CAN! Just work hard in your position, stand out from the rest, be extra helpful, and do your best. If you are shining bright, someone will notice. If you are not yet and employee and are looking for a job or career, you’ve come to the right place! Click here for more information


Q: How long have you worked with Hire Up Staffing?

A: I have been in my position for 1 month now.

Q: Tell us something good about Hire Up.

A:   Hire up helped me find a job I enjoy almost immediately.

Q: Tell us a little about your placement.

A: I am a leasing agent for a local company where I show properties to prospects and future residents. I love it! 

Q: Tell us why you love your job.

A: I love my job because I get to help people find a place they’ll love to live in. 

Q: Tell us a fun blurb about yourself

A:  I love helping my fellow colleagues and customers.