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Today We Celebrate Daisha — Our April Visalia EOTM!

By rebecca in Employee of the Month


This month we recognize Daisha as our April Employee of the Month for the entire Visalia area! Here is what her manager, Dawna Stone at OnePoint Human Capital Management had to say about her:

“Daisha so kindly and SO COURAGEOUSLY offered to take on a challenging account. Since my conflicting meeting had cancelled last minute, I had the opportunity to overhear Daisha on this call. She stayed very calm, sounded cool and confident, was articulate and didn’t let a thing he said bother her. After the meeting Daisha informed me that this challenging client was “somewhat nice” and that over-all, “the meeting went well and the configurations continue”. I am sure “nice” was used loosely and related to who it was coming from.

What is even more amazing is that the performance review module is one that Daisha is still in training on. AND STILL, I overheard a knowledgeable and helpful company Rep.

So, first, Daisha – The entire HR Team thanks for volunteering, including me! Second of all, what great customer service and verbal communication skills! And what courage to take this on!

BUT MOST OF ALL: Love the positive attitude… haters are going to hate…no matter what you do. Sometimes it is just a personality thing. But …just like Daisha, we can rise above it!”

As you can see, Daisha is a rockstar employee and has earned this award! We are proud to have people like her as a part of the Hire Up team! Thank you Daisha for all your hard work, keep setting the bar high!