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Top 7 Frightening Things About Hiring On Your Own

By rebecca in Industry Resources

Do you know one of the scariest things for a lot of companies? Since it’s close to Halloween, we will scare… I mean share the answer with you. It is hiring!

If your recruiting department isn’t dedicated it is very easy to make hiring mistakes that turn into nightmares. Here are some frightening things your company could experience if you do your own hiring.

1. Rush Much?

If you don’t have an HR department, hiring a new employee can add to your long list of job duties. Going through the hiring process and finding the right candidate is very time consuming and can take away from meeting deadlines and finishing important business. Here is where the problem lies. Do your rush through processes? Do you take your time and leave tasks unfinished? Finding the perfect employee cannot be rushed. In most cases, if time is one of the main factors in which applicant is hired, he or she typically won’t work out in the long run.

2. Do You Know What You Need?

Companies evolve, as do the positions in your company. What you were looking for in a new hire a year ago may be completely different than what is needed now.  Job descriptions sometimes are not updated with the position, so new hires tend to become overwhelmed and disgruntled because the expectations were not properly set from the beginning.

3. Are You A Top Notch Interviewer?

Do you ask all the right questions in interviews? Surprisingly, a lot of people don’t ask the best questions and or follow trough with the right interviewing steps. This could be detrimental to the outcome of who you end up employing! There is an art to interviewing to make sure that your candidate is EXACTLY what you want them to be. The truth is, Hire Up Staffing specializes in interviewing, pre screening, and finding you the perfect team member!

4. The Last Minute Hire

Are you waiting until the last minute to fill your open position? This is an option, but it WILL END IN DISASTER! If you wait till the last minute, you are setting yourself up for failure. The hiring process takes a lot longer when you don’t have a network set up. Without a network in place, your are essentially starting from scratch. Hire Up on the other hand has an extensive network set up! We post to job boards and social media sites reaching thousands of possible applicants daily.

5. Getting Emotional?

When you interview, do you look for people that you generally like or have things in common with? While you certainly want a new hire to work well with your company’s culture, you’ve also got to look beyond the personality and ensure that this person is also professionally qualified. Sometimes it is hard to get past the emotional aspect of interviewing a person. A good sense of humor will only go so far, and there’s work to be done! Hire Up Staffing looks at every applicant as a business move. They must poses the qualities needed by your company in addition to personality

6. The Thrifty Shopper

If you’re not working with a recruiter because you want to save a little money, consider the amount of time it takes you to sift through hundreds of applications, interview a handful, and choose the best candidate. If you look at the time cost, you’d save a ton by working with a recruiter who’s more skilled than you at quickly finding qualified applicants and helping you choose the best one.

7. Avoiding The Flake

Depending on how large your company is, you may not have access to all the background checks necessary to find a great employee. Have you ever hired someone and they just stop showing up to work? Or have your hired someone and they turn out to be someone different than in the 2 interviews? We have an extensive interview, testing, and background check process. We make sure you avoid the FLAKE and gain an amazing team member!

Happy Early Halloween from all of us at Hire Up Staffing!

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