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Understanding New Drug and Alcohol Policy Updates

By rebecca in News and Updates


Up until a few years ago, the terms of company drug and alcohol policies were pretty straight forward. In 2016 a law was passed in California making the private use of marijuana legal. This new law caused a lot of confusion for employees and we want to share some information to help.

While marijuana may be legal by law, it specifically does not change the legal status between employers and employees when it comes to drug testing and employment. This means that an employee can still be terminated for usage of marijuana. We recommend taking the time to look over your employer’s most recently updated drug and alcohol policy.

If you are an employee of Hire Up Staffing you know that we are committed to ensuring a substance-abuse free working environment for all of our employees through implementation and enforcement of a Substance Abuse Prevention Policy. For more details and to better understand our guidelines, please 


Feel free to download a copy and reference it if you have any questions.