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Understanding Your Company’s Cultural Fit

By rebecca in HRUpdates

On average, human beings will spend approximately one-third of their lives at work. Because of this, it should come as no surprise that work feeds into many other aspects of our lives, influencing self identity, self esteem, and opportunities for personal growth. In recent history, it has become increasingly more apparent that choosing where to work is about much more than simply making money; cultural fit is also a huge deciding factor for today’s workforce.

Today, people rarely spend their entire careers working for the same company. Instead, they move from job to job fairly frequently, searching for a company that will allow them to grow to their potential, achieve a better work-life balance, or even receive more useful benefits. As unique individuals, employees will differ greatly in their personalities, attitudes, and values. From an employer’s standpoint, understanding the personality, attitude, and values your company promotes is extremely important when it comes to harnessing your company culture and in turn, maximizing your employees happiness and productivity at work. If you’re looking to promote a great company culture within your business, consider the following:

  • Hire candidates who fit your culture. It is vital for employers to keep in mind that employees always represent the company, even when they are not at work. The way an individual conducts himself or herself affects the opinion others have about your company, which is why it is so imperative to hire candidates who share your company’s mission and values.
  • Teach your company’s mission and values. When employees are passionate about the company’s values and mission, they will be dedicated to accomplishing company goals and their drive will help energize the company as a whole. If an employee is not committed to the mission, it just becomes another job and usually the employee is unhappy; however, when an employee is on board with the mission, they will be engaged in the job and want the mission to succeed, thus, helping the company succeed.
  • Work as a team. Teams function by working together, encouraging each other, and communicating regularly. This is also one of the most efficient methods to achieve goals and grow as a company. Teams in the workplace bond together to complete all related projects and accomplish achievements together.

Understanding and working with your company’s cultural fit is essential to both the company’s wellbeing as well as employees’ overall satisfaction and happiness. Hire Up Staffing takes great care and pride in matching the best job candidates with the perfect company fit! To get started on developing your own company culture and hiring candidates who fit, contact one of our team members today! (559)579-1331!!!