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Update Your Computer Skills & Get Hired

By rebecca in News and Updates

The world today seems to be entirely reliant on technology. Everyone is using gadgets, programs, and aps to effectively accomplish daily tasks at school, home, and work. Such tools make work faster and easier, but also keep people on their toes trying to staying current on how to operate them. 

A perfect example of this is technology in the work place. Almost all office jobs require at least basic to intermediate knowledge of the most current version of Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Adobe PDF Editor, or other text editing software.

Most commonly, companies hire employees by looking at their education, achievements, work experience, background, and computer literacy. If you are computer savvy and know how to operate Microsoft tools, employers see it as a plus because most companies today use their software. If you are not familiar with this software or do not have computer skills, it is important that you learn them as employers favor those with these skills.

The key is learning as much as you can about commonly used programs. It is also very important to stay current on the latest program updates. Hire Up is dedicated to finding YOU the perfect job, so we have done our research and found many FREE online tutorial sites that will help you acquire the essential skills needed to get the job you want! Here are a few:

GCF Learn Free

Infinite Skills

Free Office Tutorials 

Interested in taking it a step further? You can get certified by taking computer classes at your local community college or specific colleges online.

If you are currently looking for a job, call us at (559)579-1331 to see how we can help!