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Using LinkedIn As A Job Search Tool

By rebecca in Industry Resources

Have you spent so much of your time looking for a new job that your computer is getting sick of you? Craigslist just doesn’t seem to have what you’re looking for, and that big job website has the perfect job for you…in Arkansas! Well don’t give up yet, we have one more idea to help you in your job search. LinkedIn is helping people get jobs every day.

Why would a prospective employer turn to LinkedIn when they are looking for a new hire? The reason tends to be quite simple, they can look through the site’s profiles looking for what’s referred to as a passive job candidate. Someone who stands out as exactly what they are searching for will often be approached by the company, rather than the job seeker applying for a job with hundreds or thousands of other applicants. You may only have a profile to create before you’re on your way to your dream job contacting you.

Spend a few minutes browsing the site and you’ll come across contacts from your past and current business life. From colleagues to employers, you may be surprised with who you discover. Now that you’ve found them, you may want to ask them for a rating or a reference to help boost your visibility to prospective employers. It’s said that it’s almost unprofessional not to be on LinkedIn anymore, so get online and get yourself out there!

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